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Timothy Lee's commissioned works on Silver Nova cruise ship

I'm happy to share that I have been commissioned by SilverSea Cruises to produce three large works for their new ship - Silver Nova, which takes his maiden voyage in late 2023.

"One artist uses his scientific training to focus his works; another uses a camera lens. Some works are playful; others filter their work through a more serious lens. There are so many more reasons, Mariangela Capuzzo, the chief curator of the collection onboard, to take some time to wander, from suite corridors to library ceilings.

“We should care about the art on Silver Nova because the collection was carefully curated to create a unique aesthetic and conceptual journey,” she tells me. “It’s an opportunity for guests onboard to experience a new way of seeing, exploring, discovering, and feeling. Art matters!”

Of the more than 1,700 works of art on the new Silver Nova, we asked Capuzzo, who is chief creative officer of ICArt, for recommendations on which pieces you really must see (and don’t feel as though you need to limit yourself to this list, either).


Gold leaf is an essential element in the work of Boston-based artist Timothy Hyunsoo Lee, who uses it as a link to his Korean homeland. His 86-inch-long calligraphy scroll “Borderline Perfect” encompasses golf leaf and silk. For his installation “Lotto (Sweet Child of Mine),” photographic images are transferred to 30 aluminum plates and adorned with gold leaf. His triptych “Promise Me You’ll Never Forget the Martyrs” stretches 60 inches onto linen imbued with Korean silk, paper, spray paint and gold leaf. All of his works reflect his early training in medicine and biology, with an exacting attention to detail.

Where to see: Aft stairwell, Decks 3, 4 and 5"

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